Camp Island Goes Ballistic

Ballistic 4000SH

Camp Island Goes Ballistic

By Andrew Badullovich

I received a phone call from an excited, John Haenke, (producer of The Fishing DVD) telling about the fantastic fishing opportunities around Camp Island, and that I should board a plane tomorrow and join him for some line burning action! John made another call to Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast of Frazer Guided Fishing…and the stage was set to film a segment for volume 28 of The Fishing DVD, whilst vigorously testing some of Daiwa’s mid-range product.

Camp Island is a privately own facility nestled in between Townsville and Bowen on the north coast of tropical Queensland. The waters surrounding Camp Island are open to public access…and are inundated with a manner of nasty leviathans. During our three day visit as invitational guests on the Island, we encountered four different species of trevally including GT, coral trout, queenfish, giant herring and Spanish mackerel.

Whilst filming, Bargy opted to use a Daiwa Saltist LD50H spooled with 50lb monofilament line, while I had fun with the Ballistic 4000SH spooled with 20lb braid. Two contrasting reels, however, both high gear ratios of 6.3:1 and 6.2:1 respectively…which is paramount to entice high speed predators to strike and artificial offering.

The Ballistic 4000SH is packed with high performance features including the new and innovative Oil seal which eradicates water penetration, and Air Rotor, constructed of Zaion which is a high density carbon resin. Not only is Zaion strong, light and corrosion resistant, it also dramatically reduces flexing and stress…thus enhancing balance and sensitivity! The Ballistic 4000SH boasts an impressive 8kg of drag pressure, and I used nearly every kilo of this to stop some of the beasts I battled with during my stay. Everything about this impressive reel is smooth, not to mention its sexy aesthetics. Read more about this, “value for money”, reel here.

High speed jigging and spinning can be tough on tackle. If there is a fault…a hard slugging fish will find it. The size of the fish that I knocked over with my Ballistic 4000SH amazed all of us at, The Fishing DVD, and the Ballistic performed way beyond belief! The ability to crank a fish with high speed reels whilst under serious load can be a difficult task to achieve, however, a task the Ballistic was able to complete with ease time and time again. The Ballistic stayed cool with the drag remaining smooth during the intense three day testing. There were many highlights during my visit; however, the pinnacle for me would definitely be the performance of my Ballistic 4000SH whilst snigging XO size Queenfish from between the pylons of a coal loading jetty. We didn’t film this action, as we used the day as exploration for possible future stories.

“This was red-line ‘white Knuckled’ fishing, and having confidence in my Ballistic 4000SH to deliver the goods under such an intense situation, was a luxury I could depend on…fish after fish!” …AB

Reliability and performance under pressure…think Ballistic!

Ballistic Queeny

Photographs, courtesy of Offshore Productions.

Ballistic Trout

Ballistic Spinning Reel