TWS T-Wing System

T3 introduces Daiwa’s latest revolution in levelwind design. The traditional levelwind system has always restricted casting distance and performance but with the introduction of the new “TWS” T-Wing System this is now a thing of the past.

Unimpeded line flow is one of the most overlooked features of baitcaster design. The T-Wing System in T3 introduces a new line guide design that uses a T-Wing shaped line guide. This allows line to exit completely unimpeded. By eliminating the traditional line guide the line exits with no angle resulting in smooth line discharge, eliminating friction, noise or line wear.

When disengaging the reel for casting the T-Wing releases the line smoothly through the wide “casting area” on the upper part of the level wind, re-engage the reel and a pillar leads the line into the reeling area or “line guide” at the base of the T-Wing system. This increases line flow resulting in dramatically improving casting performance and reducing back lashing.

The “line guide” at the base of the T-Wing system also vastly improves line control and maintenance. The narrow reeling area enables very accurate parallel line laying unlike any other system ever before. By accurately laying the line evenly on the spool the reel stability increases due to the lines weight being evenly distributed. Once laid evenly the spool can spin completely balanced, releasing line unimpeded and reducing friction and line wear.