Saltist Rods


The Saltist reel range has become one of Daiwa’s most popular saltwater offshore reels, now you can compliment them with our latest Saltist rod range. Whether you are jigging for snapper on the reefs, popping for Gt’s or casting from rocky headlands, the Saltist rod range has it covered.

Using the latest graphite’s and specialized composites, combined with advanced design and construction techniques the Saltist rod range provides the optimum combination of strength, power, sensitivity and most importantly price. Built ultra tough these rods feature Fuji Hardloy guides, Fuji reel seats, gimbals on selected models, tough EVA grips, and a graphite butt weave for maximum power.

The ST66BJS and BJB models are specifically designed to use with small metal jigs and pirate jigs for reef dwellers like snapper and small kingfish, its soft light tip action will work a jig effectively and when hooked up the strong butt section will move fish away from any structure quickly. Matched up with a small 20-30 sized overhead or 4000 reel for the perfect light tackle jig outfit.

The 64CJS/CJB and 60S/B are the all-rounder rods, ideal for medium to heavy jigging, casting or even trolling. These rods are best matched with a 30-35 size overhead or 4500-6500 sized spinning reel. These models have a soft tip to work a lure easily and massive amounts of power in the butt for maximum lifting power.

The boat overhead models are ideal for bottom bouncing the reefs or trolling lures for large predatory fish. Large overhead reels like Saltist Big Game and Saltist LD40/50 is the ideal reel for these rods.

The spin rod range includes a 10kg and 24 kg model, these are ideal for lure spinning with a 4500 to 6500 sized spinning reel for fast powerful fish, but also make great baitfishing rods for large fish like snapper to kingfish. And if you need more power then the popper rods will do, these rods have awesome power to muscle big fish like Trevally and Tuna away from reefs and are ideally balanced with our large spinning reels.

The 962H is the ideal rock-spinning model, designed for spinning large lures or casting baits from the stones with a 6500 sized spinning reel. Its soft tip will allow you cast light baits long distances and the powerful butt section will help you land that fish of a lifetime from the rocks.

The new Saltist series delivers greater strength and increased lifting power for the denizens of the deep like never before.

  • Carbon Fibre Composite blanks
  • Fuji’s Hardloy guides
  • Heavy duty Fuji reel seats
  • Ultra tuff EVA grips
Perfectly matched with
Saltist Rods
Model Type Sections Length Action Taper Cast Weight Line Rating
ST66BJS Bay Jig Spin 1 198cm Light Regular 20-100g PE 1-2
ST66BJB Bay Jig OH 1 198cm Light Regular 20-100g PE 1-2
ST64CJS Spin 1 193cm Medium Light Fast 60-120g PE 2-4
ST64CJB Overhead 1 193cm Medium Light Fast 60-120g PE 2-4
ST60S Spin 1 183cm Medium Heavy Fast 180-300g PE 4-6
ST60B Overhead 1 183cm Medium Heavy Fast 180-300g PE 4-6
ST58H Boat Overhead 1 172cm Heavy Fast n/a 10-15kg
ST58XH Boat Overhead 1 172cm Extra Heavy Fast n/a 15-24kg
ST66H Boat Overhead 1 198cm Heavy Fast n/a 10-15kg
ST66XH Boat Overhead 1 198cm Extra Heavy Fast n/a 15-24kg
ST71M Spin 1 213cm Medium Fast 20-50g MAX 10kg
ST71MH Spin 1 213cm Medium Heavy Fast 30-90g MAX 24kg
ST762H Popper 2 229cm Heavy Fast 40-120g MAX 24kg
ST82XH Popper 2 244cm Extra Heavy Fast 150-300g PE 8
ST962H Spin 2 290cm Heavy Fast 50-120g PE 2-4